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The child is in me still and sometimes not so still.

- Margaret Wheatley

Rediscover Genuine Connection and Playfulness

Have you been feeling like it is harder to make friends or openly express yourself with others? Or finding your energy levels low and wishing for a chance to reboot and feel carefree like when you were little?

You are not alone! At Mirumir we know that all adults still carry inside them a playful and curious child, for whom every day is a chance for exciting discoveries and life-changing encounters.

Join us for a uniquely genuine and liberating workshop filled with games, heartfelt interactions, explorations of breath and movement, individual and group creative activities!

At the workshop you will

  • Reconnect with your child-like curiosity and playfulness

  • Feel more energized and joyful

  • Grow your self-confidence and trust in life

  • Make new friends

  • Feel accepted, respected and supported

  • Learn reliable ways to connect with you creativity

  • Acquire practical tools that you can use every day to help yourself deal with overwhelm and emotional challenges

Upcoming Workshops

New dates coming soon!


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