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And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.

– John Steinbeck

Like nobody’s watching
Games that heal, empower, and connect

Do you know the feeling of wanting to be seen and accepted for who you truly are, but not being able to show all of yourself and your true colors? Simply being seen without any masks or filters can feel vulnerable and takes a lot of courage. We may fear that if people see all of us, we will be judged. So we try to look and sound good on the surface while feeling internally disconnected.

At this workshop, we will tap into the power of play — the most ancient healing tool — to grow our confidence, cultivate self-compassion and transform our relationships. We will explore unexpected tools for embracing our messy selves used by clowns, zen monks, and martial artists and harness the power that comes with fearlessly being seen.


Delivered to you by Marina — a former big city overachiever, whose life was transformed by the power of clowning.

At the workshop you will

  • Reconnect with your child-like curiosity and playfulness

  • Feel more energized and joyful

  • Grow your self-confidence and trust in life

  • Make new friends

  • Feel accepted, respected and supported

  • Learn reliable ways to connect with you creativity

  • Acquire practical tools that you can use every day to help yourself deal with overwhelm and emotional challenges

Upcoming Workshops

New dates coming soon!


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"[Marina's workshop] altered the way I connect to my own body and how I approach others."

I participated in Marina’s "Like Nobody's Watching" workshop about 1.5 month ago and I have been able to practice most of the things that Marina pointed out to us participants. The workshop itself was very useful for me especially looking back. It altered the way I connect to my own body and how I approach others. I liked how Marina was very relaxed and knowledgeable in her approach, oftentimes referring the sensations we were experiencing back to scientific research or historic knowledge. The exercises were fun, uplifting, intense, awkward, potentially vulnerable or body sensation triggering.  

I can really recommend this workshop to anyone, especially to very heady people, who want to connect better to their body and the subtle sensations and messages it sends us.

Tim Clorius

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