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Don’t let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry
the burden of its worries.

-Astrid Alauda


Somatic Bodywork

The power to feel good is innate to us.


Would you like to regain the feeling of safety and comfort in your body? Maybe you suspect that chronic tensions have something to do with emotional stress, but are not quite sure what to do about that?

Somatic bodywork harnesses the ability to feel good that is innate to every person and provides relief for both body and emotions via a unique blend of bodywork and guided meditation. Marina's voice will lead you on a journey within yourself, while her hands apply pressure to parts of your head, face and body, finding and gently releasing areas of tension.


"I haven't felt this relaxed in, I don't know how long."

Marina is a soft-spoken, gentle soul with a powerful insight to the human body. My 1st visit we talked at least 20 mins before ever getting on the table. Within minutes of her massaging my head I felt a release of anxiety and built up tension. I haven't felt this relaxed in, I don't know how long. I love her use of crystals and essential oils in her practice. She puts everything into it using herself as a vessel to aid in releasing deep seeded emotional as well as physical pain. Highly recommend...100 stars!

— Jenny Ambrose



I offer sliding scale prices. You are welcome to pay whatever you can within the range stated below.

60 min | $80–100

90 min | $115–145

120 min | $155–190

Bodywork for Businesses and Events

Group bodywork sessions are a great way to relieve stress and share quality time during employee appreciation and team-building events, bachelor/ette parties, weddings and family gatherings.

Yellow Flowers


Norway, Maine

Teresia — Center for Healing Arts and Therapy

180 Main Street, Norway ME (by appointment only)

Greater Portland Area, Maine

On-site sessions at your location and Chair Bodywork for Businesses and Events

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